12 Signs You are More Intelligent Than You Think

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 12 Signs You are More Intelligent Than You Think 

Signs You are More Intelligent Than You Think

Today, we will learn about twelve signs you’re way more intelligent than you realize. Now, let’s begin.  Have you ever wondered how smart you really  are? Intelligence is a very complicated thing to quantify.

Intelligence is your ability  to learn from your experiences and use those experiences to shape or understand your environment. There are, however, a wide variety  of intelligence types out there, like spatial,  linguistic, or emotional intelligence. Because intelligence is diverse and complex, judging  how smart you are isn’t always an easy task.  Intelligence tests are one common way for people  to measure how they stack up against the rest   of the population.

But most intelligence tests don’t account for all the different kinds of intelligence out there. Intelligence  Quotient, or IQ, tests, for example, rarely  pose questions related to creative or artistic  intelligence. If you’re a highly creative person, you may score below average on an IQ test, but that doesn’t mean you’re not smarter than most.  If you’ve never taken an IQ test or don’t excel  on tests in general, there are other strategies you can use to judge your intellectual talents.

 Your brainpower naturally influences your habits, decisions, and preferences, so you can sometimes  measure intelligence by analyzing the things you  say and do every day. Over the years, experts have  discovered several ways intelligent people talk,  think, and live a little differently from  everyone else. Geniuses, for example,  tend to maintain more radical schedules, enjoy  certain hobbies and passions, and engage in rich   creative activities that explore and expand their  minds.

 If you are a highly intelligent person,  you may live your life in a similar way. Even if you don’t think there’s anything  special about you, you may discover telltale signs  of intelligence in your everyday behavior. Things   that seem entirely normal may actually be tried  and true signs of an active and intelligent mind.  That’s why, in this POst, we’re going to look  closely at twelve signs that you are smarter than   you realize. Before we get started, let’s make  one thing clear. This isn’t an intelligence test.


You won’t walk away from this Post with a score that you can compare to other people you know.   But if these twelve habits, talents, and  tendencies sound familiar, the simple truth may be that you are way more intelligent than you think. 

1. The Generation of Genius  There’s a common misconception that intelligent  people are constantly brimming with good ideas.  We can thank many geniuses throughout history  for their profound discoveries, but their one or   two great ideas were preceded by many, many bad  ones. In other words, highly intelligent people   don’t always have brilliant ideas. Instead, they  work hard and generate a large number of ideas,   some of which end up changing the world.

This skill, called “idea generation,” sets   many smart people apart from the crowd. Creating  new ideas at the drop of a hat is difficult,   but the most intelligent people make it look  easy. Every one of your ideas may not be brilliant   or profound, but if you generate lots of them,  you’re likely a creative and inspired individual.  

2. A Dark Sense of Humor Intelligent people have a sense of humor that can   be difficult to pin down. You may find yourself  laughing at things that no one else thinks are   funny or cracking up over a reference other  people don’t get. Your jokes may not always be   sophisticated, but if you have a unique sense of  humor, you’re probably brighter than average too.  Why? Because intellectual people make  connections and recognize layers of irony   that others don’t notice.

 Your sense  of humor may be subtle and nuanced,   or you may laugh at darker subjects that others  don’t enjoy. In either case, you have a hard   time finding an audience for your jokes because  your brain works a little differently than most. 

3. Uncanny Memory Recall  The most intelligent people have an  uncanny ability to remember things that   others don’t. They process and recall ideas  with incredible depth, often latching onto   tiny details and nuanced ideas. But where  does their superpowered memory come from?  Memory isn’t all raw intelligence. Instead, it  comes from a blend of experience and ability.   Smarter people recall ideas more precisely than  most because they spend a lot of time exercising   their memories.

Almost every day, they challenge  themselves to remember niche knowledge or retain   large stores of information. As a result, their  memory becomes stronger and sharper every day.  Among your friends, you might be known for your  elephant-like memory. Maybe you surprise people   with how much you can recall about things  that happened years ago. In either case,   you have a strong memory, probably  because you’re smarter than you know. 

4. The Power of Daydreaming Do you like daydreaming? Highly   intelligent people tend to be avid daydreamers.  You have an active and powerful imagination,   so when something doesn’t is boring, you  may retreat into a world inside your head.  Studies have shown that daydreaming is  correlated with higher levels of mental   activity and cognitive performance. So, if you  like drifting off in the middle of the day,   don’t sell yourself short. You’re likely  more intelligent than you realize. 

5. Emotional Attunement Many people think cognition and emotion   are separate skills, but these two categories of  intelligence are intricately intertwined. In other   words, people who excel at cognitive exercises  like problem-solving also demonstrate a fuller   understanding of their feelings.

 Why? Because  smarter people spend more time reflecting on their   emotions and dissecting what they’re feeling in  certain situations. If you’re a highly intelligent   person, you’re likely familiar with the depth  of your feelings and able to express them in   a constructive way. That alone is a telltale sign  that you’re smarter and more thoughtful than most.  

6. Craving Total Solitude  Most highly intelligent people value  their solitude. In other words,   they enjoy spending time alone. Smart people  appreciate moments of peace and solitude   as many of their favorite activities, like  reading and writing, are best performed alone.  

To highly intelligent people, solitude isn’t  punishing or tedious; it’s an opportunity to   dive deep into the subjects that fascinate  them without anyone else getting in the way.  If this sounds familiar, you’re probably more  intelligent, and more introverted, than you think. 

7. Raw Musical Talent  Sometimes intelligent people easily master things  that others struggle to learn. For example,   intelligent people learn how to play instruments  relatively quickly because they have a natural   ability to understand basic rhythms.

 Highly  intelligent people can also keep time better than   most, even if they have zero musical experience. In general, highly intelligent people are quick   to understand and replicate musical patterns. They  not only perform music well but they’re drawn to   diverse musical genres and often get lost in  pieces that are complex and moving. Whether   you’re a musician or a music aficionado, your ear  for music may signal how smart you really are. 

8. Understanding Ambiguity Most people have a hard time coping with   uncertainty, but highly intelligent people aren’t  bothered in the same way. Why? Because sometimes,   ambiguity is the only possible answer. The more  complex something becomes, the less likely you   are to find a clean and simple solution.

You may  notice confusing contradictions and discover gaps   in your knowledge, but that’s okay. Your problems  don’t have to be solved right away. If you can   be patient and calm in the midst of confusion,  you may be one of the smartest people you know.  

9. Imagination Overdrive  Anxiety is prevalent among highly intelligent  people. They have strong imaginations that produce   all kinds of spiraling thoughts and negative  patterns. As a smart person, you may also spend   time thinking about ways your life may fall apart. In either case, these worrisome thoughts can   manifest as anxiety and self-doubt. If this sounds  familiar, your brain may be working on overdrive.   It’s not always fun or happy, but your anxiety is  just another sign that you’re brighter than most. 

10. Sources of Inspiration  Studies have shown that highly intelligent  people enjoy working in less organized environments. That doesn’t mean intelligent  people are dirty or unhygienic. Rather,   many smart people work well in cluttered  spaces surrounded by sources of inspiration.  For example, you might have books across your  desk or papers taped to the wall.

 You may work  in a studio surrounded by crafts or a garage with  every tool you can imagine spread onto the floor.  Wherever you like to work, a cluttered  space may be the perfect environment   for your mind to work and create. 

11. The Benefits of Doing Nothing  If you’re a highly intelligent person, you might  spend part of your day doing what seems like   absolutely nothing.On the outside, anyone who  sees you might think you’re staring into space,   but you’re probably doing something smart people  love to do... setting aside time to think.  

You might close your eyes and sit, pace  around the room, or talk to yourself out loud.   All of these are ways intelligent people maintain  a dialogue with their own brains, allowing them to   generate ideas and solve complicated problems.  Thinking is an activity all its own. If you’re   a highly intelligent person, thinking may be  one of your favorite ways to spend the day.  

12. Absolute Concentration Do you have a hard time staying  focused? Concentration is a skill many  highly intelligent people have in spades.   Even if they’re surrounded by people, they can  shut off their senses and fully concentrate on  something they’re passionate about. When that  happens, there’s no breaking their concentration.  

They work in a fervor until they’ve  brought their ideas to life.  If you’re a smart person, you may have experienced  something like this before. You get a great idea,  and you run to your desk to get that idea out  of your head. When you’re inspired enough, you can focus just about anywhere because you are way more intelligent than you realize.