Why others are treated better than most - Stop Getting Disrespected

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Why others are treated better than most - Stop Getting Disrespected

Why others are treated better than most - Stop Getting Disrespected


People who think all humans are equal are the worst when it comes to networking and social skills.

The only equality that exists is that we are all human. Beyond that, nothing is equal.

We have hierarchies based on value created and value possessed.

The same people who would cry ‘injustice’ when they are paid the same amount as those they consider to have put in less work than them will come online and think they are just as valuable as Elon Musk.It’s almost laughable to watch the cognitive dissonance.

I will not talk much about this because any human with a functioning brain should understand that hierarchies exist, and not just that, but also be able to figure out their place in the structure of these hierarchies.

Know your place, then work to elevate your status.


Respect is not given, it is earned. You earn respect through hard work, dedication, and providing value.

The amount of value you provide will be close to the amount of respect you will be owed.

A clerk is more expendable than a manager simply because the amount of damage a company will take by firing a clerk is insignificant compared to if the company were to fire the manager.

By this analysis, the manager is far more valuable to the company than the clerk.

It is for this reason that the company is willing to pay the manager a fat salary while refusing to increase the regular worker’s salary.

The worker cries that the manager does less work, but fails to understand that the manager delivers more value.

More value in the sense that he takes on more risk, and puts his neck on the line in the pursuit of results.

The regular worker does not risk jail time when a company fails, but the people in control do.

The two are NOT equal.

In this regard, for a regular worker to elevate his value, he must not just do what is required, but MORE.

Over-deliver. Make your absence mean something by providing immense value whenever you are around. There’s no way around this.

This is also how you get promoted.


Use money to gain respect whenever you can.

Avoid haggling over peanuts because it brings down your value.

By all means, negotiate, but do not negotiate to the bone. If you can’t afford it, leave it. 

Make more Money.

Why others are treated better than most - Stop Getting Disrespected

Pay the bills when you go out with your friends.

When rich people go out, they don’t split bills. Poor people do that.

You say ‘Well, they have the money.’ 

It’s not about the money my man. There is something you don't know.

Have you ever seen a bunch of friends scheming how to outwit each other and pick up the bill?

You go to pay and your friend already paid. It’s a fun game, you have to out-scheme them.

Again, if you can’t afford it, leave it.

So many people do things beyond their money and put themselves in precarious positions that bring disrespect. Be smarter than that.

-Tip the waiter/waitress.

-Never buy things grudgingly.


Money is good and can win you respect in many places easily. But what about places where your money isn’t all that important?

A billionaire is valuable, but that does not necessarily mean he is valuable in EVERY scenario.

He is valuable in the sense that his money can do a lot, but not every problem gets solved by throwing money at it. This is also why you don’t throw money at people.

“The real problems are the ones you can’t solve by throwing money at them.” - Atlas

People who do giveaways and throw money at people fall into two categories:

- They don’t understand this and are shooting themselves in the foot.

- They do understand this and are exploiting the naivety of the masses.

Elon Musk is more valuable to Twitter than Bernard Arnault, not just because he is the CEO of Twitter, but because he gives his time, and lends his voice to the conversation.

He shows up every day and he works.

It doesn’t matter if the other guy has more money than him.


The final stage of earning respect is intolerance.

Why do stupid people get blocked on Twitter so rigorously? Insolence!

You’d see a guy who IRL would normally be scrubbing a billionaire’s bathroom insulting him unprovoked.

Do not tolerate insolence from people who are beneath you.

That dude who constantly demands your time when he’s offering nothing in return and gets upset when you don’t respond on time.

This is what insolence is.

But remember, ‘know your worth’ only applies when you have worth.

If you have no value, stay away from places where you are not respected and BUILD.

Build your value, show up, and demand what is due to you. Refuse to tolerate anything less.

Why others are treated better than most - Stop Getting Disrespected


As I’ve said earlier, you need to be generous.

Be helpful whenever you can. Don’t be a taker, be a giver.

There is a name for people who take and never give. I think they call it ‘leech.’

Once you’ve understood how all this works and act accordingly, you will hardly get disrespected.

The few people who will disrespect you will be the insolent fools. Get rid of them.

-Block Online

-Cut Off in Real Life

Train your brain to take action!

Whenever you have to do something, do it STRAIGHT AWAY. 

Practice this every single day of your life and you’ll get better at it.

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