12 Best Moments of life - Best Moments in Life

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12 Best moments of life :*

12 Best moments of life

_*1. To fall in love.*_

_*2. To clear your last exam.*_

_*3. To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep.*_

_*4. To get a phone call saying class is... cancelled.*_

_*5. To feel butterflies every time you see THAT PERSON.*_

_*6. To see an old friend again and to feel that things have not Changed.*_

_*7. To touch the fingers of newly born child.*_

_*8. Waiting for a call or message from your loved one when you are alone.*_

_*9. Walking alone on a silent road at night and listening to your favourite songs.*_

_*10. Riding on a highway while its raining.*_

_*11. Speaking to the special one on phone while standing infront of the mirror.*_

_*Feels just Awesome.*_

_*and the last one is right now...*_

_*12. While reading this there was constant smile on your face which was one of the best moments I believe!*_

_*Keep smiling... It really suits you!*_

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