10 Things Evil People Do When They Know That You Know

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10 Things Evil People Do When They Know That You Know 

Things Evil People Do When They Know That You Know

Hey everyone, and welcome. Today, we  will learn about 10 things evil people do when they know that you know. Now, let’s begin. The world is full of complicated people. Most people have some good in them, and some bad in them.

Maybe they are loving and  kind to their community and to their family,   but at work they participate in immoral  practices. Or maybe they give a lot to charity,  while being apathetic to those closest to them.  It’s natural to be at least somewhat complicated,   even if you are mostly good. However, some  people are predominantly or even entirely   evil.

 For whatever reason, through environmental  factors or just genetics, someone does not have a  proper conscience. Maybe they don’t care about  the people around them. Or even worse, they might take pleasure in the pain and suffering of  others. Evil people exist. And it's very important   that you know how to properly deal with them. Evil people notoriously have masks or façades. They have a fake personality that they show to  most people.

For example, an evil person might  pretend to be your friend for many years. But all  the while, they could be gossiping heavily behind   your back, taking your things, and otherwise  working against you. Yet, you may never know   about it for a long time. After all, they keep  their true personalities to themselves. But what   happens when you start to see who they really  are? What happens when you figure out someone   is truly evil? It can be challenging to play  the game that they play.

Maybe you don't want to confront them immediately, or maybe you want to  confirm your suspicions before doing so. However,  if an evil person begins to suspect that you  know who they really are, you enter into a very   dangerous game. Evil people are often experienced  manipulators, so they might see it coming.  So today, we are going to shed light onto  what happens next.

 Use this knowledge to   defend yourself against malevolent  characters in your life. After all,   it's not just you that you're helping. It's  probably your loved ones, your acquaintances,  and everyone else that an evil person may try to  mess with. So, these are the 10 things evil people do when they know that you know.

1. Game of Gaslighting  The most frequent tool of an evil person  is gaslighting. Gaslighting is when you   make someone feel crazy for coming to a very  reasonable conclusion. For example, let’s say   your romantic partner is cheating on you, and you  have clear evidence. Despite the proof, they will   accuse you of being conspiratorial or paranoid,  as if you are somehow making the whole thing up. 

 If an evil person knows that you know just how  evil they are, they will do everything in their   power to get you to second-guess yourself. They  don’t want to be exposed, so they will try to make   you feel like you’re going insane. 

2. Make You Feel Isolated  If you hold steadfast in your beliefs and  don’t fall for their gaslighting tactics,   an evil person will begin the process of damage  control.

 They know that you will likely tell   other people about them, so it’s a risk to their  personal and professional network. Thus, they   will do everything to undermine your credibility  and trust with others, especially those people   who are in both of your networks. Pay special  attention to mutual friends or coworkers. These   are the people likely to be closest to you, so  an evil person may look to influence them first. 

3. Faking Victimhood There are real victims in this world, but   there are also fake ones. Leveraging victimhood  is a classic tactic of evil people. If they feel   vulnerable or exposed, they may seek empathy from  others in order to shield themselves from blame.   For example, they might lie about some terrible  experience from their past, claiming the only   reason they are how they are is because someone  else hurt them first.

Just remember that there is   no excuse for hurting others, not even being hurt  yourself. So if someone tries to use this against   you, don’t buy it. Plus, there is a good chance  they are exaggerating or even lying outright.  

4. Flip The Switch of Attack If an evil person is directly called out,   they may shift almost instantaneously from clever  defense to malicious and cruel offense.

In doing   so, they attempt to paint the accuser  in an equal or worse light. For example,   let’s say you catch someone trying to scam someone  else that you know. After confronting them,   they immediately begin to attack you. Wherever  they perceive you to be vulnerable or perhaps   ethically imperfect, they twist into the worst  possible way.

They might attack the credit cards   you are still paying off or bad choices you made  five years ago. All of us have flaws, and they   will make every attempt to exploit them in order  to deflect away from their actually evil deeds.  

5. The Tactical Charmer If an evil person begins to   suspect your knowledge of their evil character,  they may initially try to charm you or sway   your opinion of them back into a positive light.

This will often seem over the top and excessive,   as evil people often lack authentic empathy.  While it may initially work, upon reflection,   something may not feel quite right about them. Imagine you catch an evil person in a serious lie,   with bad consequences. A good person would  eventually own up to their mistake and make   amends. But an evil person might completely  change the subject, commenting on your looks   or your achievements out of the blue. 

6. Undercover Investigation  Some bad people are very clever, and will pick  up on signs of exposure before you have said   anything to anyone. In other words, they know  you are suspicious before you have even done   anything about it.

If they suspect you, they  might take a great deal of care in observing   you and tracking your every move. They might  ask mutual friends about you, and what you   think about them. They might even try getting  closer to you, just to make sure you’re never   out of sight. If someone seems to be unnaturally  watching you, you would be wise to consider why.  

7. Building a Coalition of Evil Even evil people don’t always   want to be alone. Plus, sometimes they need  someone to do their dirty work for them. So,   malevolent individuals will often form into groups  with a mutual purpose and collective protection.   Just think of the classic group of bullies at  school or a neighborhood gang. 

These coalitions of bad actors consistently exploit the people  around them, and feel more security in doing so   because they have built a true coalition of evil.If a bad person thinks you’re catching onto them,   they might seek out groups like these. 

Things Evil People Do When They Know That You Know

8. Strange Behaviors  Nerves can hit us all at the worst of times.  For example, you might get nervous before a   big presentation or before asking out your crush.  In the same way, evil people become very paranoid   when they start to realize you are aware of who  they are.

Paranoia is a classic trait of evil   figures, even in myths and legends. And there’s a  good reason why. Living a lie can be very draining   on your soul. Especially as time goes on, most  evil people begin to crack. So, if you notice   someone seeming extra paranoid, it may be because  they have something to hide, and they desperately   don't want you to know about it. 

9. Exposing Secret Anger  Let’s say someone you know is secretly an  evil person. However, they are pretending   to be normal in every respect. If they know that  you know they are evil, part of them will want to   lash out at you. However, other parts of them  will be trying to keep that anger in check,   that way they don’t get exposed. It’s like an  internal war being waged in their mind.

 On one   side, you have their authentic emotional state that being the state of anger. On the other side, you have the protective mechanisms put in place  by their sense of self preservation. As in, if they do lash out at you, people will  know something is wrong with them. Thus,   if an evil person is feeling exposed by you,  they may be irrationally angry about seemingly   unrelated things.

 A coworker might yell at you for  no reason, or a mutual friend might be extremely  rude out of the blue. Be sure to watch for these  red flags, as evil people have trouble hiding   their true emotions. 

10. Running Away  If an evil person no longer thinks  they can maintain their façade,   they may just try running away from their  problems. Let’s say you’re in college and   discover a mutual acquaintance is actually  very sinister.

Once you tell your friends,  and many other people around the University begin to believe the rumors about this evil person, it’s probably too late for them to try and change your minds. So they might try transferring to another school or dropping out entirely. In either  case, they will do everything to get away from the problem instead of confronting it honestly.